Fir drift wood with forged iron hooks. at The Arcata Exchange

Beveled Maple, at the Arcata Exchange

Redwood drift wood with Jade bear and forged iron hooks. at the Arcata Exchange

Oak bench $60.00 plus sales tax

Elm and Walnut, 30″ long by 22″ high – @ Arcata Exchange $350 plus sales tax

Redwood, Acacia, Tan oak and Walnut entry table. $450 plus sales tax

Redwood Waterfall $155 plus sales tax

Redwood Waterfall $175 plus sales tax

Mixed woods $70 plus sales tax

Mixed woods $70 plus tax

Oval board $65 plus sales tax

Habanero shaped cutting board $65 plus sales tax

Oak and Walnut $65 plus sales tax

Maple , Walnut andTan oak $75 plus tax

Oak, Madrone and Walnut $65 plus sales tax

Sapelle and Canarywood $65 plus sales tax

Red oak,Walnut, Tan oak and acacia

Walnut, Sapelle and Bloodwood $65 plus sales tax

Maple exterior, Sapelle, Acacia, Walnut and Oak $75 plus sales tax

Red Oak $60 plus sales tax


Walnut and Oak, $250 plus sales tax

Black oak steps and Bloodwood legs. $180 plus sales tax

White Oak and Walnut Double step Bench / 14″ long by 12″ tall and steps are 5.5″ wide. $170 plus sales tax

Mt. St. Helens Maple Slab Game table with live oak legs / 20″ tall – 48″ in circumference with inlayed Turqouise and Malachite. $1500 plus sales tax

Habanero cutting boards and Madrone and Canarywood Serving tray. At The Arcata Exchange

Variety of items

Walnut legs with Madrone steps, $165 plus sales tax

Double step bench and Mud room bench

Maple slab top and oak and walnut legs. At The Arcata Exchange

Driftwood Cribbage table with Walnut legs and cedar shelf. At The Arcata Exchange

Walnut, Oak and Canarywood serving tray and Lg. hefty Oak and Myrtle wood bench. At The Arcata Exchange


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